Cattle sorting

Cattle Sorting


Team Cattle Sorting is a fun sport where a team of two riders on horseback bring numbered cattle from one round pen to the other in the  correct order against the clock. The most cattle sorted in the least  amount of time wins. Teams can be picked or drawn at random. Come by yourself and ride with new friends! People of all ages and all skill levels participate!

Saturday from 1pm to 330 pm. (Sometimes longer if Jeff's having fun) Cost $45 per rider. $10 arena fee for extra horses brought to the arena.  

Everyone must sign a release waiver for the current year. 

Please see Sheryl or Jeff  to check in and pay before riding. They will be between the two round  pens calling numbers. 

Our bar and concession stand is open during events. We hope to see you on Saturday! Any questions call (715) 432-7444.